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A spot treatment may seem like a good idea since it costs less than a full treatment. But, there are a number of important points to consider. To begin with, a spot treatment may not fix the issue. Second, except when done under an existing contract, a spot treatment often carries an extremely limited guarantee (or no guarantee whatsoever ).



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Don't let economics be your only determining point about ways to protect your house from termites. On a new contract (treatment), any treatment processes that will not be done according to NC regulations must be noted on an official Waiver of Minimum Standards form. You have to sign this form as part of your contract.



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Termite Baits - Another option for treatment is that the use of a termite bait. These products are utilized differently in liquid treatments and might be employed with a liquid treatment. Watch Termites - Baiting Systems for more information about termite baits.



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Regardless of whether you've got a liquid termite treatment or a baiting system installed, remember this important point: Before you sign an agency agreement or contract, read it carefully. Here are some questions That Will Help You evaluate the suggested service:

Does the proposed treatment Need a waiver If so, what treatment specifications will not be done Why aren't they being done

What kind of guarantee is included under the contract Some contracts offer you a"retreatment-only" guarantee. If There's a repair guarantee, what is or is not insured by the guarantee



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What are the terms for renewing or maintaining the contract (see the section below on Annual Contracts).

A list of commonly-used termiticides can be found in the current edition of the North Carolina Agricultural Chemicals Manual. You can also contact NCDA&CS for a complete list of all currently registered termiticides.

Even though there are termiticides readily available for homeowner use, we do not recommend the"Do-it-Yourself" (DIY) strategy for chemical control of termites for several reasons. Many goods have instructions for spraying the surface of infested wood. Simply spraying swarmers or the surface of accessible infested wood kills the termites which you see in the time, but it does not protect the interior parts of the infested timber nor does it protect your house from further termite attacks.



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Only a comprehensive inspection can show if the termites are also feeding someplace else and even then, termites could be infesting your home in areas which are inaccessible (and uninspectable. Additionally, simply spraying on the ground outside and/or exterior foundation wall is not going to prevent a termite infestation below ground and maybe entering your house from below ground. .

As previously explained, a proper termite treatment can be quite intricate. You have to trench and treat the soil along the foundation and on all sides of piers. The trenches should be 4-6 inches wide and 6 inches deep, depending on the thickness of your foundation's footer.

You can't count on treating only the outside side of your foundation and crawlspaces can be difficult (and potentially hazardous) areas in which to work especially if you're trying to trench and treat the dirt with a pesticide. Many pesticide labels require pesticide applicators working in confined areas, like crawlspaces, to use particular personal protective equipment like a cartridge-type atmosphere filtering respirator (not simply a dust filtering mask) You need a substantial quantity of diluted chemical.



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Many footers in eastern and central North Carolina are approximately 12-18 inches below level (soil level). So, as an example, a house that has a 40 ft x 30 ft"footprint" (120 linear feet) and a one-foot deep footer would need 48 gallons of termiticide spray simply to see to the soil along the exterior foundation wall.

Houses with basements or those constructed on slopes might have thicker footers and thus that you would also need the equipment to deal with to the necessary depth that might be as much as 4 feet. Few homeowners have the equipment to mix and employ large quantities of chemical properly and safely. .

As mentioned in the last section, a proper treatment includes drilling and treating concrete slabs (for instance, porches and garages) important link in addition to voids in foundation walls and piers which are adjacent to the termite infestation. This region of the treatment requires some understanding of construction, also specialized equipment and training to avoid injuries or damage to underground utility lines or to the masonry.

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The expense of this chemical is higher for consumer goods. By way of example, in 2000, one brand of permethrin-based termiticide available at a large retail store in Raleigh, NC was priced at roughly $17.00 per pint. According to the product label, the chemical is applied in a 0.5% concentration that requires adding 5 ounces of chemical per gallon of water.

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